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On Truth

In the days & weeks after my TED talk, the majority of the questions I got corresponded to the closing statement. It dealt with the nature of truth, which is … Continue reading

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Launching our Kenyan election YouTube channel

Storyful and Google are coming together to discuss the role YouTube plays as a tool for monitoring elections around the world, as we prepare to launch a brand new Kenyan … Continue reading

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YouTube offers window on Africa's elections

Storyful’s headline elections project was last year’s US presidential election, where we partnered with YouTube to highlight the best from both sides of the velvet rope and bring it to … Continue reading

January 23, 2013 · 1 Comment

Citizen Journalism in 2012

In recent years YouTube has shifted from being the place people go to find talking dogs and music videos to a platform where people seek breaking news. The seminal moment … Continue reading

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Meeting the mobile audience: Beyond 140 characters with @moonytweets

Andrew Moon is 24 years old, and already a social media producer at Australia’s national broadcaster. All this at a time when young journalism graduates are supposed to be worrying … Continue reading

December 18, 2012 · 2 Comments

Guest post: ScribbleLive's @katytorg on liveblogging as a tool for journalists

Al Jazeera was providing live coverage of the uprising in Egypt last year when their news office was stormed by authorities, cutting out internet and cellphone connectivity in the hopes … Continue reading

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Vive la révolution: The pluses of 'Post-Industrial Journalism'

It was the best of reports, it was the worst of reports. Journalists and news organizations reading the Tow Center report released last week on ‘Post-Industrial Journalism: Adapting to the … Continue reading

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