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Five fun things to do online while you're waiting for election results

So your vote is cast, and the results are slow. How on earth are you going to fill your time before the exit polls and the final tally starts clocking up? Fear not, the Internet will come to the rescue, with plenty to while away the slow hours before the fun begins anew.

1. You may want to pass idle moments watching some live fisticuffs at the Tweet Punchout here, where two animated ‘fighters’ do battle over the candidates. The fight is set so that the blue fighter gets to throw a punch each time a tweet mentions Obama, while the red fighter gets his turn for every tweet that mentions Romney. Gripping stuff.

2. Facebook has come up with a real-time graphic representing those on the network who clicked an Election Day prompt to tell their friends they were voting. Watch the votes clock up in real time here and click on the states to get a state-by-state breakdown.

3. So much for today, but if you want a recap of what’s led up to this fight for the presidency, The Guardian newspaper has an impressive online “graphic novel” of its take on the 2012 election, complete with primary delights, debates and campaign highlights. There’s even an Etch A Sketch:

4. Or perhaps you’d prefer to see it all retold in a series of GIFs, courtesy of BuzzFeed, who’ve brought together the finest – and foulest – from months of campaigning. Not for the easily offended.

5. Wonder how your boss is voting? Or your neighbor? Undecided and wondering which way to tip? Let Knight Lab’s TweetCast voting predictor help! All you need to do is enter a Twitter name, and TweetCast predicts which candidate that user is most likely to vote for in the 2012. According to the site, the technology involved “examines words, hashtags, websites, and usernames in a user’s tweets to predict future voting behavior.” You’ll also find a list of  what it calls “the most discriminating terms” used by Twitter users supporting Obama and those supporting Romney. [Take a guess at which voters are more likely to use words such as  “bullshit”, “register” and “brown” and which would opt instead for “brotherhood”, “government” and “debt” . . .]

Finally, a little bonus time-waster in case it turns out to be a really long day. If you’re finding the negative campaigning and politicking too childish, you might not want to watch this video of two pre-schoolers playing ‘I’m Mitt Romney’ and ‘I’m Obama’ as they battle it out for the win. [Spoiler alert: Looks like Romney tips it in this instance, though using rather unorthodox tactics]:


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