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Now that the heady social media frenzy that was #Election2012 is over, we can look back with some nostalgia at the highs and lows of the long campaign – the glaring gaffes, the soaring speeches, the ads, the hashtags, and the hilarious send-ups of all of the above. And in true democratic spirit, we are asking you to decide which moments won out in the race to the White House. We’re launching five public polls this week, and will keep them all running until January 20. The result will be announced on Inauguration Day.

Today’s poll: Which was the best viral parody of the political season? Pick one of the five options below to cast your vote. For a refresher course, see all the video options below the survey.


[poll id=”7″]

Psy meets Romney in a Gangnam Style parody:

Gotye’s song re-imagined as ‘Obama that I used to know’:

Romney gets the Bad Lip Reading treatment:

Obama ‘sings’ ‘Call me Maybe’ with help from BaracksDubs:

The Gregory Brothers ‘songify’ the first presidential debate:


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