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Day two: Vote on the worst gaffe of #Election2012

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It’s day two of our week of polls on #Election2012. Yesterday, we invited you to vote on the best viral parody here. You can vote on that poll and all of this week’s polls (awkward moments, hashtags and ads to follow) until January 20 – the day before Inauguration Day. Results will be announced on January 21 when Obama is sworn in for a second term of office.

Today’s poll: Which was the worst gaffe of the political season? Pick one of the five options below to cast your vote. For a quick reminder of the moments in question, see all the videos below the survey.

[poll id=”8″]

Oops: Rick Perry is a little forgetful during a GOP primary debate:

Romney claims London Olympics preparations were ‘disconcerting’:

Biden says the middle class has been buried over the last four years:

Obama soaks up headlines after ‘You didn’t build that’ remark:

Romney draws attacks after his ‘I like being able to fire people’ comment:


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